Monday, 13 February 2012

Orange BAFTA Film Awards 2012: Best Dressed

This morning I had to debate with myself about which major event to post about: the BAFTA's or the Grammy's which both took place last night. I decided to go with the BAFTA's mainly because I actually watched it and secondly because, well it's British! I start a new and very exciting job today (yay!) so have only had time to skim the surface of the red carpet dresses - I'm way too fussy to actually be impressed with more than a couple of people but I love what Fearne Cotton and Tilda Swinton wore.

Both ladies opted for maxi-numbers which, given how cold it's been recently, was probably more of a practical move than a stylish one. Regardless, Tilda looked flawless in this super fresh Celine dress whilst Fearne rocked a peachy little Moschino number. Tilda is one of those women that could literally wear dog crap and still look amazing; she just oozes confidence and as a result consistently looks immaculate.

I could never really be a red-carpet stylist (or any sort of stylist) because I'd probably try and make people wear something that's closer to my personal style than theirs. I didn't really like many of the other dresses for that exact reason: would I wear it? No. Then I don't like it. Anyway, could you be a red-carpet stylist and who were your best dressed? Did you like what Fearne and Tilda wore? Wish me luck today!

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  1. Tilda, what a goddess! And I don't like Fearne ,but I think she looks absolutely gorgeous here!


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