Friday, 10 February 2012

Coming out of hibernation...

It's been a while since I last blogged, 6 months in fact. This comes down to a multitude of factors (moving to New York, not having enough time/interesting content - the usual suspects) and now feels like the perfect time to rejuvenate and completely reinvent Bang Bang You're Dead: although the situation is entirely boring and demoralising, not having a job has given me the freedom to write on a daily basis again. This is good.

I wanted my first post to be massively entertaining and exciting but any notion of that clearly went out of the window when I realised I didn't actually have anything interesting to say. I'm hoping that something comes to me by tomorrow because I promised myself that I'd write everyday; I wouldn't want to bore you again with another 'I'm coming out' post so fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow, I'm constantly (somewhat obsessively) updating my Tumblr and regularly Tweeting about other useless stuff like eBay and U.F.O's so check them out, if you fancy. I'll get to work on the layout of Bang Bang You're Dead because it's looking fairly boring and crap, stay tuned!


  1. SO excited for your return gurrrl!
    Welcome back :) xx

  2. I'm sorry you find yourself in that situation. I've been out of a job for 9 months now. It's been hard and depressing, but my blog has been an outlet for all of that. I hope it all gets better for you.
    It's great to have you back!:)

  3. Thanks guys! I had some fantastic news in regards to my career after I posted - fingers crossed it all works out!


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