Monday, 1 August 2011


LOVE is one of those magazines that I find so hit and miss (along with Wonderland, Indie, Dazed and Confused...) but their AW11/12 issue actually looks really good. I sound surprised only because previous issues have featured the likes of Justin Bieber which lets face it, is never going to be the most exciting of reads. In true LOVE style, they've gone all out and created a load of covers, of which Elle Fanning's is definitely my favourite.

Now, I don't actually know anything about Elle other than she's the younger sister of Dakota Fanning and that she's another teen-actress (did someone say pushy parents??) but this cover shot by Mert and Marcus is really rather charming, don't you think? I've previously harped on about how I hate seeing celebs on the cover of magazines all the time but maybe I can make an exception for up-and-coming actresses... The other covers do in fact feature models (Lara Stone included) but this was, for me personally, the standout. 

As well as having several covers (eight, to be precise), the issue has some stunning editorials - I didn't want to post about each and every one purely because I want to actually see them in the magazine first (I'm a proper magazine hoarder, fellow collectors will understand). However, I figured I'd share a couple of images from Super Natural featuring Lara, Kristen McMenamy, Daphne Groeneveld, Mariacarla Boscono and Nyasha Matonhodze.

Until I actually pick up a copy I won't hazard a guess as to why everyone is crying in this issue, I'm sure there's some deep and meaningful/political/social reason...It's been a while since I've actually looked forward to buying a magazine and whilst I never expected to get excited about LOVE, I'm pleasantly surprised. What do you all think and has anyone actually looked at it yet? 

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