Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pretty in Pink

Katy Perry is one of those celebs I just can't get my head around; sometimes I think she's really great (her music definitely falls into the so-bad-it's-good category) but then others times I think she's a right idiot (the whole comment about Lady Gaga being blasphemous in her Alejandro video is a bit rich coming from someone who 'kissed a girl and liked it'). Anyway, recently, she's kind of just fallen off my radar - until I saw this photo...

And so, Katy Perry has jumped on the crazy-hair-colour-bandwagon and is currently sporting this washed out pink look. If you've been anywhere trendy recently (East London/Williamsburg/Berlin - you get the picture) then you'll already know that coloured hair is so last season; however, I'll give Katy brownie points for trying because I actually think it really suits her. 

Having coloured hair is great (mine is currently red, original I know) until you realise how much maintenance it requires. Obviously, this isn't an issue for the super-rich but for the rest of us, well, we can't all afford to go to the salon every time we have a fading dilemma. My advice then, is to invest in bright accessories that you can wear without fear of staining your white top every time it rains. Here, ladies and possibly gents, are some fun pink things to stop you from doing a Katy the next time you get bored...

Clockwise from bottom left: Balenciaga Paper A4 bag, Alexander McQueen clutch, Swedish Hasbeens, Selima Optique glasses and Topshop blush in Pinch.

It's fair to say that colour-blocking isn't going anywhere fast so mix-and-match for the best 'end of Summer' looks. For something a bit tougher, I'm absolutely obsessed with these adorable pink Dr.Martens - how great would they look with lacy white socks and denim cut-offs??

Not so long ago I mentioned that I had some very exciting news and so, on the 4th September I'm moving across the pond to New York to build up my CV within the big bad world of PR; I'll try and blog when I'm out there so keep checking back! What do you all think of Katy's new hairstyle; does it suit her or should she leave the pink locks to trendy hipsters?

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