Monday, 8 August 2011

The Kids Are Alright...

On Friday, I was invited to don my wellies and attend the Underage Festival in East London, courtesy of Claire's Accessories. Although I'm definitely not underage (the festival is only open to 13-17 year olds) I went along to check out a few bands and get style-envy from some of the girls there; seriously, when I was that age I was so un-stylish it's not even funny - these girls are really on it! I didn't have the chance to go to any other festivals this year so I was actually rather excited (despite being about 4 years too old).

They had everything on site that a regular festival would have (although I think they slightly underestimated their target age with a mini-carousel) but Claire's really upped their game and whacked a styling caravan in for good measure. Now, I haven't set foot in a Claire's Accessories for years, but after visiting the store and checking out the quirky little style-mobile, I have to admit I'm rather impressed.

The lovely Amy from Wolf Whistle and myself we're well on the obligatory festival uniform of hair-plaiting/face-painting that took place in Claire's caravan; I mean, when else is it acceptable to regress 15 years and actually have an excuse for drawing a butterfly on your face? Some ass nicked my favourite pair of vintage sunnies (sorry mum) from the VIP area so the Claire's girls came to my rescue with the bad-boys from the middle picture - how fun are they?? 

I only really saw a couple of bands (including an intriguing trio whose lyrics "she must be a lesbian" made us all cringe/laugh quite a bit) but the day was massively fun either way. Sadly, the sunnies aren't available on the Claire's Accessories website so I've pulled 3 of my favourite things instead, what do you think?

What has been your favourite festival style this year? Mine was (and probably always will be) the whole crop-top/denim cut-offs/Dr. Martens and coloured hair look - it never fails! On to other news, I paid for my apartment in Williamsburg today so if anyone has any 'must-see' tips for when I'm in New York then please share!

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