Monday, 2 August 2010

Cover Up

Everyone watched Lady Gaga's meteoric rise to stardom-hood at the beginning of this year but seriously, other than a couple of scantily-clad football game attendances - where has she been hiding?

At Vanity Fair getting naked and wearing ill-fitting wigs, it seems.

If this was anyone else I'd probably hate it (I'd definitely hate it in fact) but it isn't and OK so it's boring and she looks like she's taken a bunch of drugs but I'm glad to see her again. Weirdly it makes me want to do a Kelly Osbourne and dye my hair some strange shade of lilac and then paint my nails to match - but isn't that part of Gaga's (Osbourne is way less cool) appeal? Yes, is the answer.

I was going to write about the September Issue of UK Vogue which arrived on my doorstep this morning, but it was all battered up and featured Kate Moss on the cover AGAIN which made me too annoyed to even consider - I told you Vogue, I'm bored of seeing Moss on the cover, regardless of how beautiful she is.

And she really is beautiful, but still...Excessive cover star or just a super super model?

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  1. You know it's getting a bit much when it's Kate's 30th UK Vogue cover! Love the Gaga cover though.

  2. i totally agree, i'm always excited to see a bit of gaga because i like the individuality she brings. also, kate shouldn't be allowed to be the cover of vogue for a few years! i want to see more new, fresh faced models! this issue is quite dull, i never really liked the autumn issues.
    great post!


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