Tuesday, 16 November 2010

CFDA: Battle of the Gossip Girls

The annual CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards usually pull a good crowd, it is one of the biggest events on the fashion calender, after all. However, it seems that no amount of Gossip Girl styling could help the stars last night. I'm a massive fan of the show (mainly because I fancy Ed Westwick) and they usually all look so dapper, but these looks didn't do anything for me...

I would ordinarily say, "don't get me wrong they both look great", but they don't. Blake, in Chanel, needs a new (preferably black) bra, a classy up-do and a quick shoe swap with Leighton and then maybe she'd look great but sadly, she missed the mark. I love Leighton's Roger Vivier ankle-boots but the Prabal Gurung dress and hair aren't doing it for me. She suits super short mini's and statement hair and this look is just far too prim. However saying that, Leighton in this instance, is the better of the two.

Now for the boys...

I'm never going to pick Chace over Ed so we all know who I think looks better, I'll let you decide on that one! I wish Ed would take a leaf out of Chuck Bass' book on the red carpet, he'd look so much more handsome, if that's possible?

Who do you think looked best at the CFDA Fashion Fund Awards? 

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  1. I looove Gossip girl :) However, I agree with you on this one. Don't like what the girls are wearing and I choose Ed over Chase.



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