Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spotlight: Mary-Kate & Ashley

No introduction needed...

In my eyes, these girls can do no wrong. I know I go on about Vogue (even though the British version is absolutely pants) but the international editions are generally really good. This feature from Vogue Nippon is just too cute, although it does make me wish that they'd come out of hiding more often so I can steal their style again - I've been clueless in their absence. 

Talking of cute, if you haven't seen the twins on the Ellen DeGeneres show yet, then check it out here - definitely going to hit up Nickelodeon for some Two of a Kind love!

Who did you want to be when you were younger, Mary-Kate or Ashley? 

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  1. Love them! When I was younger I didn't actually know who is who so...I guess I would be happy to be anyone of them ;)


  2. Great post! The Olsen twins are fab. I love that I'm not the only one who watched Two of a Kind or New York Minute. Probably shouldn't be admitting that ha.

    Oh and most definitely Ashley xxx

  3. I'm not sure what one I wanted to be when I was younger but I'd happily be either of them now!!! What is it about them!?!


  4. I seriously love the Olsen twins. They are ahead of their time in fashion. Unique and passionate about the art of style. I admire them! Thanks for sharing!

    x, Molly


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