Monday, 9 August 2010

Spotlight: Agyness Deyn

Oh Agyness, what happened? It's not like she can excuse the shaved head as being the result of a mental breakdown and she does look as though she's on day release from somewhere pretty insane, but my god isn't it beautiful?

This editorial shot in New York's East Village shows she is still striking as ever and although I was one of the fickle ones who got bored with the whole bleached-crop-and-DM's routine quicker than you can say Albert Hammond Junior (don't deny it, you did too), I do still think she's amazing.

It's like one glorious flashback from the 90's (my favourite decade) and although I hated the shaved head to begin with, it's kind of growing on me. The styling, although quite predictable, suits her new 'do' to perfection and she's hit Spotlight status for proving that she's more than just a fad (I'll forgive and forget the fact that she left England for America and that she's donning Cheetos not Wotsits...)

The bottom image could be one of my favourite photo's this year so far, for lack of a better (less pretentious) word, it's captivating and as Gok would say - that cable knit is "bang on trend". Do you still love Agyness regardless of what crispy snack she prefers?

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  1. love the outfits really cool


  2. hey lydia, just wondering what happened to the dolly mix article thing?


  3. she is great, she'll ALWAYS look great.
    *agyness fan*
    like your blogname ! x

  4. oooooh i'm not so sure about this. i've been an agyness super fan since the beginning, i attempted her haircut, i bought the doc martens, i defended her when she went for a dark bowl cut.... but THIS! i don't know if i condone this. it' a little bit too this is england for me. maybe i just need time to come around....


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