Friday, 4 June 2010

Kristen's Got Her Mojo Back...

Hallelujah! Kristen Stewart may have finally turned her disastrous red carpet looks around. Either she sacked her previous stylist, or her stylist actually watched a fashion show or two and got some much needed inspiration. I'm hoping for the former but I'm happy with whichever scenario - doesn't she look so much better?

Another noticeable (and also much needed improvement) was her hair - she's rid the mullet in favour of a long ponytail, fake or not I think this is her secret. The fact that a change in hairstyle can make you feel a million dollars is a little sad, but oh so true.

I was starting to lose hope for Kristen, her red carpet looks were literally the worst of any celebrity over the last year - I just don't understand how her stylist could have cocked it up that much. However, the past is the past and she seems to have turned a new leaf - not only is this look a complete winner, her recent UK Elle editorial (which you can see here) was to-die-for and so, my love for her is reignited. 

This Flaunt editorial just goes to show that she literally has got her mojo back, I posted about her Interview editorial last October which is still my favourite Kristen shoot but this is pretty cute...

I know, I know I'm fickle with my celebrity crushes. Kristen hasn't regained girl crush status just yet but if she keeps this whole dressing-good thing up, then who knows! What do you think of Kristen, have you forgiven and forgotten or just banished her from your peripheral altogether?

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