Thursday, 10 December 2009

Off Duty Mum (and Dad)

When a woman has a child, her fashion life generally spirals downwards. When there's sick and poo to clean up every 5 minutes, there's no room (or money) for Prada or Chanel.

Of course celebrities are like a completely different breed of human, they're superhuman. Not only do they manage to juggle several children but they maintain an impressive wardrobe. I'd be blessed if I looked like any of these women on a good day, let alone after having had kids.

Victoris Beckham in Laboutin's

Gwen Stefani in Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Nicole Richie pumpkin buying with Harlow

Natalia Vodianova attending Chanel SS10 with Neva

My next choice pains me a little. I'm really not a fan of Tom Cruise and this photo of him doesn't help (the hair, the tan jacket -bad times), however, Suri is so adorable that it kind of makes me forget he's even there. She's way ahead of the trends with pastel pink ruffles and although it's wrong that she even knows what heels are, she's still a kid at heart.


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