Monday, 7 December 2009


I've always been a massive fan of America's Next Top Model. I love the bitching, Sutan (everyones favourite make-up mogul), Miss Jay and of course the photoshoots.
I really wish that the UK version was as good but it just isn't. Lisa Snowdon never says "girl, you need to learn how to smile with your eyes" (irritating but amazing all at the same time), Louis and Huggy don't even compare to Miss Jay and Nigel Barker and the girls are so dull it hurts.

So,with the latest season (showing in the UK, a season behind the US - as usual) coming to an end this week, I thought I'd look back at some of my favourite models and photoshoots. I really loved the swimming pool shoot in Cycle 7 but I couldn't find pictures anywhere, definately one of my favourites too.

Adriane, Cycle 1

Analeigh, Cycle 11

Whitney, Cycle 10

Aminat, Cycle 13

Cycle 14, us Brits will have to wait another lifetime to watch this series

What is your favourite photoshoot from Americas Next Top model?


  1. I literally LOVED Analeigh and Majorie from a few seasons back, I hated Mckey! And I loved Nicole from this years. And the season with the lesbian, Kim, Nicole, Nic and Lisa was the beeeessttt one by far!


  2. I LOVE that first photo of Adriane from the first season!

  3. Always such beautiful photos produced by that amazing team! While I'm at uni I hate that I can't watch it when it's on, and it's always difficult to stream online! So I haven't seen half of these, thanks :)
    I absolutely adore the second's stunning!

    And I've just noticed my link under your blog love list..thank you so much for adding it :)


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