Sunday, 2 September 2012

Glamour US vs. Glamour UK

It's a case of Glamour US vs. Glamour UK as Emma Watson covers both editions October issue. Looking fantastic in an off-the-shoulder dress with simple pulled back hair, Emma's UK cover is miles ahead of the US version (below left) which looks fairly dated and a tad cheap...

Ignoring the cringe-worthy subheadings ("good sex and loved advice from bad men," oh dear) the UK cover is much more elegant and 'fashion forward' when compared to the US one. It's nice to see the magazine doing something more chic, especially with a gorgeous Brit actress like Emma; unfortunately her US cover just falls a bit flat when it comes to the styling and pose.

It's quite unusual to see the Glamour franchise using the same actress on their October issue but it's interesting to see how she has been portrayed; the Emma that goes to school and dates boys (US) versus the Emma that has become a fashion icon and found love amidst the madness of fame (UK). What do you think of Emma's October covers and which edition do you prefer?

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