Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Night Walking

I'm not going to lie. I became obsessed with the Twilight books over the Summer (by obsessed I mean read-the-entire-series-in-a-week obsessed). I never, however, watched the film and drooled over Robert Pattinson or hated Kristin Stewart because she drooled over him.

So last night I finally watched the film and was really unimpressed. I can't pinpoint my disappointment but it just wasn't as epic as it was in my head. I don't really fancy Robert Pattinson (more Edward) but Issue 9 of AnotherMan might convince me otherwise, especially when shot by Hedi Slimane.

Featuring the Twilight teen, Tim Blanks, David de Rothschild, Sam Taylor-Wood and a whole host of fashion stories, the latest issue is out tommorow.

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  1. I love the books and hate the film too!!! its such bad acting its embaressing... so cringey


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