Friday, 24 August 2012

Shopping for: Gothic Glamour á la Vogue Paris

The whole 'gothic' trend has been bubbling up from the streets for quite a while now; Underground brothel-creepers, upside-down crosses, ripped t-shirts, fishnet tights and a healthy dose of purple lipstick  recently infiltrated the wardrobes of every cool-kid on the block. However, it all got incredibly tacky and cringeworthy as soon as Rihanna and Topshop jumped on the bandwagon; think Courtney Love meets Hannah Montana. Scary, right?

Saying that, the brilliant Katy England (along with a whole host of talented stylists) has managed to take the trend back into fashionable territory. Gone are the 90s platforms and dodgy dye-jobs - gothic glamour is all about an inventive use of texture and shape, death-defying heels and clever accessorising.

Mert and Marcus photographed the stunning Saskia de Brauw (above) and Kate Moss for the September issue of Vogue Paris and I think the editorial perfectly encapsulates what the gothic glamour trend is all about. There are so many incredible pieces around and the moment, both designer and on the high-street that it's hard to pin down any one look. Always one for a challenge...

From left to right: coat by Mandarin & General, jeans by Nok Nok, sunglasses by House of Harlow 1960, top by Preen, scarf by Beta Fashion, heels by Alexander McQueen, ring by Kat&Bee, bag by Christian Laboutin and necklace by Topshop.

This is definitely a safe look compared to what the East London kids are championing right now but then again, there's a very fine line between looking 'cool' and just looking like you're in fancy dress. I know which one I prefer...what trends are you loving for Autumn/Winter 2012?

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  1. I'm so sick of East London Kids looking like they've wandered out of the wrong part of 1993.. I'm all for a bit of 90s/goth revival but I saw a guy the other day in knee high flatform leather boots, chanel esqe shades and a neon top. In the mini heat weave we were having he just looked like a bit of a silly potato!

    It's good to see proper gothic esque imagery without it looking cheap or creepy!

    Lovely blog. x


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