Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kristen Stewart covers US ELLE

When I first heard that Kristen Stewart was to be ELLE's June cover-star, I wasn't holding out any hope that it would be good. For some unexplainable reason, I quite like Kristen. However, she's hardly renowned for being elegant or graceful in front of the camera; whether it's in photoshoots or on the red-carpet, Kristen Stewart is not what I'd call a 'natural'. I quite like the fact that she isn't your average cookie-cutter Hollywood starlet but with that in mind, ELLE have done a pretty good job in making her look like one for their June issue...

When you take the god-awful text out of the equation, this has all the potential of being a great cover. Kristen looks relaxed (a first, maybe?) and the styling is non-fussy and simple - my only issue is that now, she just looks like every other Hollywood actress. You could always count on Kristen to be a little bit awkward and this cover, which is undoubtedly stunning, takes that intrigue away. 

It's probably not normal to criticise something for being too 'good'; Kristen is, after all, just another Hollywood starlet but I'd grown so accustomed to seeing her as this awkward adolescent that now she just looks boring. What are your thoughts on ELLE's June cover? 

Photo from fashionscansremastered

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  1. I've to be honest I'm not on Team Stewart, but she looks good on the cover!


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