Friday, 2 March 2012

Shopping for Pastels with Vogue China


I often find that international issues of Vogue are much more exciting than the British version, and this beautiful editorial from Vogue China's March issue is no exception. I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore 50s fashion and think that modern interpretations can frequently be a bit too 'fancy dress'. However, the stylists at Vogue China have done an amazing job at modernising the era; the leather jacket, the pastel shades, the hairstyles - all exude 50s connotations but aside from the props, the clothes are contemporary. 

If you've ever met me, you'll know that I'm probably the least likely person to embrace pastel shades for Summer; mainly because I just don't suit them. With that in mind, using the 50s as inspiration is a great way to flaunt pastel shades without looking too 'sugar and spice'. I'm not suggesting you go out in a head-to-toe 50s look but instead, take a key piece or colour and work from there:

 Cropped trousers are one of the best items to invest in this Summer because they can literally be worn with everything; bright colours and great prints will carry through brilliantly to next season. If, like me, you're quite scared by wearing too much colour, accessories are the next best thing for trying out pastels - shoes, socks, sunglasses and bags are all super easy (and cheap) to integrate into your wardrobe.

Will you be investing in pastel shades this season? Now that Paris Fashion Week is coming to an end, I'll be posting some trend-reports for Autumn/Winter, let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I am loving those green trousers!! I'm already full on into pastels hehe :) xx

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