Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lara Stone covers Russian Vogue

It's official, silver is definitely having a moment. Last week I suggested that of all the metallic colours currently on the market, silver was the best and most user-friendly bet. It's been a while since I've seen anything with Lara Stone in - probably because I dropped off the blogosphere for a while - but this cover for Vogue Russia's July issue, although nothing particularly special, is really quite wonderful.

In a way it's quite morbid but I think it's really striking - you don't often see Vogue completely simplifying their covers but it makes a nice change. Lara also looks different - I'm not sure if its just the lipstick (and I hate to say this) but she kind of resembles newcomer Lindsey Wixon - or maybe that's just me?

I've always said that international editions of Vogue are much more interesting looking than the American and British verions - Korea always have something different going on. I think this is a really good direction for Vogue and its nice to not be inundated with some boring celebrity life-story, wouldn't you agree?

photo from forums.thefashionspot.com


  1. She looks soooo different! Love it though, definitely morbid but beautiful!

  2. My blond is going silver and Im loving it :)

    Peroxide Blonde


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