Monday, 6 April 2009


As summer is fast approaching, we can finally leave the house without 2 pairs of socks and a snug pair of winter boots. However, this presents an entirely different problem in that a good pair of sandals are hard to come across. If you've paid over the odds for a pair that slice your toes, heels and any other part of your foot, they're not good. No Matter how 'pretty' they are.

I have bought the mission of finding a comfortable, affordable and 'pretty' pair of sandals upon myself as I can't walk around Barcelona with bleeding feet this summer. My all time favourite gold Kurt Geiger
wrap-around-the-leg gladiators are on their last legs, so I've found some potential replacements for under £75. Although it sounds a ridiculous amount of money for a sole and straps of leather, if it means reducing the amount of unbearable blisters I usually contract over summer, then it's worth it.

TOPSHOP (both £40)

OFFICE (black and silver 'Hold Me Back' £65, white Lux Gladiator £40)

ASOS (£75 by Steve Madden)

Now all that's left is the comfort test. If anyone knows of any hidden gems from the sandal world, then share the love.

ps. If you know any incredible, amazine, fantastic, musn't-miss shops to visit in Barcelona, pass it on. I leave June 7th and I can't wait!

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