Wednesday, 4 March 2009


When leggings came back into fashion my mum frequently reminded me 'I used to have loads of leggings, they would have fitted you now aswell...'. When platform soled heels came back into fashion my mum made a point of telling me 'I used to have a great pair of platforms, they would have fitted you now aswell...'. And so it goes on, season after season I am frequently reminded that my own mother had an amazing wardrobe, in what would have been my size. Were it not taken to a charity shop for strangers to devour, that is.

So when mum recently claimed she had a pair of boots 'just like the ones at Marc Jacobs, they would have fitted you now aswell...', I wasn't expecting material goods, as along with the rest of her 'amazing wardrobe' they were probably sitting in the hands of Cancer Research.

How wrong could I have been? It turns out she had stashed these bad boys - practically unworn - purely for the fact they cost £300 in the 80s. I think I struck gold, and of course, they do fit - like a glove.


I should probably grow another 7 inches before even considering wearing these beauties in public, but I can't see that happening anytime soon.

Mid thigh is the new over the knee.

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  1. Ah, I know that bitterly disappointing conversation so well. My mum's thrown away all things vaguely wearable but managed to keep things like vintage musical beer tankards in pristine condition.


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