Wednesday, 25 February 2009


After an insanely boring week that involved nothing but organising photo shoots, I decided that on Friday I would actually do something productive with my life. Donning my new (and extremely exciting) Topshop leggings and much loved Aran jumper, I met Dani at London Victoria and we tubed it to Kensington High Street for a much needed dose of shopping.

Having successfully blown another load of money I don't have, and spotting a certain DILF's daughter Coco Sumner, we headed to Knightsbridge for a bit of Harvey Nichols. Although notorious for expensive clobber and ‘affluent’ clientele, we were only there for one thing – Wagamama’s. Easily my favourite restaurant going, not only is the food amazing (there’s just so much choice!), the service is fast and the prices are very student friendly.

After wolfing down my noodle soup, we decided to check out ‘Young British Designers: Mapping Future Fashion’, a private showing at the V&A. It was an interesting affair. I have never seen so many trendy Wendy’s gathered together in one place and naturally no outfit passed through without scrutiny. I did notice a return of the quiff (think James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause) and creative interpretations of structured tailoring, however, the novelty of trend spotting soon wore off and I became more interested in getting my portrait done (thanks Norg!).

“Everyone just looked massively pretentious”, I think Raphy pretty much summed that one up. We all felt a little violated afterwards but it was a fun experience nonetheless, topped off perfectly with homemade chocolate ice-lollies and a cup of tea.

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